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Certified EV Battery Design Engineer - Mechanical

Duration - 100 Hours /02:00 hours per day
Language - English
Projects - 16 hours


Instructor-led program


Of real world scenarios


For learning assessments


Widely recognized by industry

Course Overview:

Highway design takes into account several domains – primarily design but also several interconnected disciplines such as structural, hydraulic, and geotechnical engineering. Highway design engineers are accountable for not only designing and planning of highways but also their safety and sustainability. This course teaches you the basics of CAD design, drafting and modeling. It covers the core competencies involved in highway design such as: land surveying, earthwork calculation and alignment creation, pavement design, terrain modeling, and corridor modeling.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to handle:

  • Drafting and Modifying Drawings using AutoCAD
  • Layer Management, Hatching and Gradient Technics
  • Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Blocks and Attributes, Xref and OLE concepts
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Assembly & Validate Takeoff Data
  • Contents of Computer-Aided Land Survey
  • Earthwork Calculation and Quantity Takeoff
  • Earthwork Calculation and Alignment Creation
  • Junction, Shoulder and Pavement Design
  • Dynamic Reports and Section Views
  • Terrain Modeling in OpenRoads Designer
  • Import IRD file from Legacy Versions
  • Corridor Templates and Corridor Modeling

Skills You Will Gain:

Creating Sound Technical Drawings

Advance Estimation, Costing & Simulation

Advanced Infrastructure design

Creating Road- Modeling, Design & Analysis

Advanced Construction-Driven Modeling


  • Drafting Basic Geometry
  • Modifying Drawings in AutoCAD
  • Layer Management
  • Hatching and Gradient Technics
  • Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Parametric Drawing
  • Blocks and Attributes
  • Xref, OLE concepts
  • Plot and publish

  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Manual Takeoff Tools: Area, Backout, Linear, Count
  • Automatic Takeoff Tools: Model, Search, Single Click
  • Assembly & Validate Takeoff Data
  • Compare & Display
  • Report Generation & Export

  • Contents of Computer-Aided Land Survey
  • Transportation Design
  • Report Generation
  • Earthwork Calculation
  • Quantity Takeoff
  • Pipe Layout
  • Design Rules
  • BOM
  • Plotting

  • Survey Inputs and Validation
  • Point Selection Methods
  • Surface Analysis
  • Earthwork Calculation
  • Alignment Creation
  • Carriageway Design
  • Junction Design
  • Shoulder Design
  • Pavement Design
  • Dynamic Reports
  • Section Views
  • Final Drawings

  • Introduction to OpenRoads Designer
  • CAD Basics
  • OpenRoads Designer User Interaction
  • Terrain Modeling in OpenRoads Designer
  • OpenRoads Geometry
  • Corridor Modeling Basics
  • Import IRD file from Legacy Versions
  • Corridor Templates
  • Corridor Modeling � More Details
  • Finishing the Model
  • Plans Production
  • Annotation and Labelling


We will assist you get in an internship or full-time role after course completion:

EV Hub

EV Vehicle Technology Engineer


Design Engineer Trainee - Electronics

Guided Projects

1. Drafting and Annotation of Steel Bridge

2. Site Layout with Road Network

3. Design and Analysis of Corridors

4. Schedule and Estimation of Dam

5. Geometric Design of Highways

Domain Covered

CAD Design

Highway Design and Engineering

Civil & Construction Engineering

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Frequently Asked Questions

CloudKampus Certified programs are job-role based courses. With these courses, we help students acquire skills for specific jobs across industries. We give hands-on training and direct exposure to the real-world job requirements to the students, who are required to work on projects for each module. We help them apply for internships and job opportunities, after they successfully complete the programs.

The duration of the program ranges from 80-100 hours, which include a minimum 16 hours for projects.

You are required to create an account with us at CloudKampus.com first. You can enroll yourself in any CloudKampus Certified program from your 'dashboard'. You can also select batches online yourself or get our Program Advisor to do it for you.

You will have to work on projects for each module. Our tutors will assist you in doing all your projects.

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We do not provide you software. But we will assist you in installing the student version or trial version.

Reference materials are available as eBooks. You can read them online. But you will not be able to download them.

Yes. Recordings of the missed classes/sessions will be made available upon request.

Once you have chosen a schedule / batch, you cannot change it.

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