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Certified EV Simulation Engineer

Duration - 80 Hours /01:30 hours per day
Language - English
Projects - 16 hours


Instructor-led program


Of real world scenarios


For learning assessments


Widely recognized by industry

Course Overview:

Electric Vehicles is a sunrise industry. Ironically, it is also becoming highly competitive and crowded. Success of products alone is going to sort out the men from the boys. Simulation engineer’s role assumes greater significance in this context, as they can find out how effective and reliable a product is going to be in the real world. This course introduces you to the most effective ways and highly useful tools of designing, simulations and testing of designs of EV products and components. Though an EV system has fewer parts when compared with IC engine based traditional vehicles, it calls for knowledge in multiple streams of science and engineering to understand how it works. Hence, the course also provides you with a basic understanding of all EV components and systems at work.


  • Vehicle dynamics calculation
  • Understanding the cell chemistry and types
  • Motor classifications & Concept of motor controllers
  • EV auxiliary systems
  • Battery cell & battery pack modeling
  • Battery range calculation
  • Simulation of EV cell/pack models
  • Understanding BMS Design Considerations
  • Learning various testing requirements
  • Designing battery charging architecture
  • Modeling and simulation of power electronics & motors devices
  • Induction motor modelling & controlling
  • Matlab simulation & scripting
  • Simulink application for EV

Skills You Will Gain:

Vechicle Dynamics

Battery Management System

EV Auxiliary System

Simulation of EV Cell

Battery Range Calculation


  • Electric Vehicle Domain Knowledge
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • EV - Propulsion System
  • EV - Energy Source System
  • EV - Auxiliary Systems and Sensors

  • Energy and Batteries
  • Battery Modeling
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Packaging and Safety
  • SMART Battery and HIL

  • BEV Power Train
  • Fuctioning of Electric Motors
  • Power Electronics Super Capacitor
  • EV Transmission
  • Induction Motor

  • Programming & MATLAB Scripts
  • Simulink Modeling
  • Sim-scape Multibody
  • Model Based Design


We will assist you get in an internship or full-time role after course completion:

EV Hub

Trainee Engineer


Design Engineer Trainee - Electronics

Guided Projects

1. Calculating the traction power for an ICE vehicle and simulating using MATLAB

2. Study and implementation of cell balancing algorithm using Simulink

3. Developing a motor model with control algorithm for a given EV drive requirement

4. Develop a Simulink model of a DC motor using ODE

Domain Covered

EV Design

EV Simulation

EV Concepts

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The duration of the program ranges from 80-100 hours, which include a minimum 16 hours for projects.

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Once you have chosen a schedule / batch, you cannot change it.

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